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The Annual Jaseng Academic (AJA) conference is an annual CME event hosted by Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine and Jaseng Medical Academy.


Each year Jaseng gathers experts from multiple disciplinaries of healthcare; both in East Asian medicine and Western conventional medicine experts to discuss the new evolving and trending topics of healthcare.


The AJA conference was first commenced in 2018 by Dr. Joon-Shik Shin the founder and chairman of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine in order to share his treatment techniques and knowledge to a much wider audience outside of south korea. It was not only to share his knowledge, but was to exchange academic ideas, treatments, techniques and knowledge from both perspectives of East Asian Medicine and Western Conventional medicine, and expand awareness of Korean Medicine through scientific research.



* MDs/DOs

* Korean Medicine doctors (KMD)

* Acupuncturist

* Medical Students

Jaseng Medical Academy education courses are recognized in providing CME/CE credits from ACCME, NCCAOM, California Acupuncture Board, and AHPRA/CMBA providing CME/CE to a wider range of audiences from MDs, DOs, Korean Medicine doctors, Acupuncturist and more from all parts of the world.

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AJA 2022

The AJA 2022 conference is anticipated to be held both in-person and virtually during the 4th quarter of 2022. 

Jaseng Medical Academy is designing the 2022 Conference to meet an expressed need to explore the mechanisms of acupuncture from several different perspectives and to examine current scientific research in the field of integrative medicine. It will address topics suggested by practitioners and stress a variety of approaches to practical clinical problems. Surveys and evaluations from the previous conference indicate there is a desire for more information about clinical acupuncture techniques, manual techniques, and medical imaging applied to the clinical practice settings. 


* Expand the awareness of Integrative medicine through scientific research

* Focus on clinically relevant treatment approaches that can be integrated into clinical practice for both East Asian Medicine and conventional medicine clinical settings

* Introduce/educate/share a variety of treatment approaches in various conditions through acupuncture, manual medicine, herbal medicine, and integrative medicine.

* Provide the opportunity for networking with leading experts, institutions, peers, and friends

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